Elder Network Participates in Hyvee's Red Bag Program

Elderly couple with dog. Red Bag Program Questions and Answers

Who does this program benefit? Education, civic, health & wellness, hunger relief, and military/veterans organizations that are local to each Hy-Vee location. During the month of January in 2022, $1 for every Red Bag purchased at Hyvee Barlow will be donated towards Elder Network.

When does this campaign begin? This campaign begins on January 1st of the New Year, and runs through the last day in January of 2022.

Which Hyvee is supporting the mission of Elder Network?  During the month of January, $1 for every Red Bag purchased at Hyvee Barlow will be donated towards Elder Network. The address for this Hyvee is: 1315 6th St NW, Rochester, MN 55901 and the store's phone number is (507) 288-8233.

What is the cost of the red My Heart Reusable Bag? The cost of the red My Heart Reusable Bag is $2.50, with $1 of that purchase price going to support a benefiting nonprofit.

Where can the bags be found in the store? The red My Heart Reusable Bags are available at various registers and at the reusable bag rack. If you are having trouble finding the bag, ask the store manager where the red My Heart Reusable Bag is located and they will be happy to show you! The rack at Hyvee Barlow is generally located between the Caribou Coffee inside of the store and the customer service desk. You may ask the customer service desk representatives for additional bags if you are unable to locate any.

How many non-profits benefit from the Reusable Bag Program? Every month, Hy-Vee contributes money to approximately 235 non-profits local to the communities in which each Hy-Vee serves. Recipient organizations change monthly based on the selections made by store leadership. Elder Network was selected in June of 2021 and is now being re-selected for January of 2022. Thanks to Hy-Vee, our agency can continue to serve our mission of ensuring Those 55 and better and their caregivers have the opportunity to thrive and lead rewarding lives.

How This Campaign Changes Lives:

You can donate directly to Elder Network through this link: Your donation makes a definite difference, and helps us to continue providing essential services to caregivers and their care receivers. Would you like to learn more? This is one example of how your contribution changes lives:

Ann’s husband has Parkinson’s and Ann serves as his primary carePARTNER. Ann took Elder Network’s Powerful Tools for Caregivers workshop four years ago in order to get a freind to attend, but then she recognized that she acutally needed it, so she took the class again and focused on herself. It was worth every minute! She was then connected to Zentangle for Stress Management in July 2020 through a collaboration with the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts, stating that, “It was a lifesaver because I was stuck at home, but I met people from Minneapolis, Wisconsin, Iowa…The class was really neat. And the teacher, Lisa Douglas, was awesome! I then took Aging Mastery, a Mindfulness Study, Oil pastels, Weaving, Color Me Calm (Creative Aging), and others. An offshoot of this effort is ZOOM Doodle Club that Lisa started. There are 15 of us or so, that meet every Wednesday at 7:30pm for one hour and sit and chat, and we see what everyone else is doing and try something new. It’s social-getting out of the house without getting out of the house. It’s been a lifesaver!” Ann continues to utilize Elder Network’s Education and Support Groups and finds them helpful as a carePARTNER. These great opportunities help to keep Ann connected as she faithfully serves as a carePARTNER-not a caregiver yet. 

Please donate and support the work that we do in the community to continue providing such services at low-cost or no-cost to individuals caring for and receiving care. We always provide the opportunity to clients to donate on a voluntary contribution, but especially for those 62% of our clients who fall under 200% of the Federal Poverty Line, we would greatly appreciate your support. For those who cannot contribute financially to support our programming, we need the support of the community to continue improving the lives of seniors and their caregivers.

This example demonstrates how your donation can help change lives and keep our community a great place. Please choose to help us continue to change lives and keep our community a great place to live, work and play.

Here is How You Can Participate

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You can read stories of real people being impacted by isolation, chronic conditions, COVID-19 and its after effects, the limiting effects of aging, and other challenges in their lives. They are thriving amidst these challenges, and this is only made possible through the support of those essential community members, such as yourself, who are providing them with the funding that they need to access services for affordable prices.


You can make a donation of any amount towards Elder Network's services and programs to provide encouraging relief for caregivers and care receivers. You can contribute several different ways:  

  • Donate online through this link from our partner website.
  • Call in to Elder Network with a gift via credit card, over the phone, specifying that you would like your funds to be allocated to Elder Network through the 2022 Hyvee Red Bag Giving Campaign.
  • Schedule a regularly occurring gift with our office staff by calling 507-285-5272 and speaking with Becca.
  • Mail-in a contribution and let us know in the memo line or in a note, that you desire the funds to be designated to Elder Network for the Hyvee Red Bag Giving Campaign. Mail your contribution to:
    • Elder Network
    • 1130 1/2 7th St. Suite 205
    • Rochester, MN 55901


If you want to become more involved in the work that Elder Network does, please call 507-285-5272 to learn how you can volunteer, today. If you would like to read about the volunteer opportunties that we have available, check out our volunteer webpage.