Mayo Clinic Community Internal Medicine Team Supports Elder Network

Thanks to the Mayo CIM Team, Elder Network received contributions in support of the work that we do. The members of Community Internal Medicine support Elder Network's mission and refer patients to our services. Thank you Coordinating Council members of Mayo's CIM Team!

Kiwanis Club Donates to Elder Network

Elder Network would like to thank the Sunrisers Kiwanis Club of Rochester, Minnesota for their contribution to our agency. We appreciate this opportunity to partner with your essential community club. Membership Chair, Tony Goergen and Secretary, Vern Yetzer represented their club. Executive Director, Kathy Scheid, Companion and Respite Program Coordinator, Holly Brown, and Development Assistant/Transportation Scheduler, Becca Herbstritt are represented from the Elder Network. Thank you Sunrisers Kiwanis! 

Check out our Facebook post here.

Winona Community Foundation Supports Elder Network

Elder Network would like to thank Winona Community Foundation for their generous support of our increased mental health and telehealth access programming. WCF recently awarded Elder Network with a grant to support the emerging needs of our aging population due to COVID-19. We have increased services to help alleviate isolation and loneliness, are continuously providing more digital programming, and also continue to provide in-person programming. Monies will be used to provide telehealth access, education and mental health programs for this population. Read more about the incredible work that WCF is doing to support our community:

Learn more about this grant and the other support that Winona Community Foundation is offering in Winona.

Elder Network Newsletter for Quarters 1-3 of 2020 is Released!




Elder Network Launches PSA About Loneliness

With the help of Board member, Erin O'Brien, Elder Network has created a new Public Service Announcement about the impact of loneliness on seniors.  We hope to raise awareness about how important Elder Network programs can be--and the many ways people can help. 

See the new PSA here


As part of our 30th Anniversary celebration Elder Network undertook the role of creating a recognition award for 30 individuals 60 and over, who are giving back to the communities in which we serve in remarkable ways. These individuals are vital elements of our communities. Their involvement brings wisdom and insight to discussions, developments and social interactions. Having a breadth of experiences, elders bring a depth to their work and interactions born of many years of life. As a result, their contributions to our communities are rich and full. These are they who are making a significant, measurable contribution in the counties of Olmsted, Wabasha and Winona.

Elder Network - 30/60 Nomination from The Social Butterfly on Vimeo.