Elder Network expands office to meet seniors’ growing needs

Thanks to a grant from the Mayo Clinic and the Otto Bremer Trust, Elder Network will add an additional 700 square feet of adjacent office space to their current offices located at 1130 ½ 7th ST NW, Suite 205, Rochester MN.  Construction is underway in the adjacent space to remodel, paint and carpet the new space.  Breaking down the wall between the offices will happen in late April and early May, and staff will move into this space at the end of the May.  A second phase of remodeling will happen in the Elder Network reception area during the summer.

In late 2018, Elder Network learned that 700 s.f. of office space adjacent to their current offices would be available in 2019.    The Board of Directors and staff had to act quickly to secure the space—which would provide an opportunity to expand our facilities with almost no disruption to programs and services.  Budgets for 2019 had already been set—and many grant applications already submitted.  Luckily, the Mayo Clinic and the Otto Bremer Trust responded quickly to help Elder Network seize the opportunity. 

A grant from the Mayo Clinic will help underwrite the first year of lease expenses and provide on-going support for Elder Network programs.  Additionally, a grant from the Otto Bremer Trust will support rewiring the space, updating phones and computer equipment, and fitting out the offices, as well as providing generous support for our core mission of serving seniors.

Laurie Marreel says, “This expansion is so important for us to continue to serve the growing needs of seniors.  As many of you know, we have been very crowded in our current space with very limited private meeting space.   This additional space will allow our Senior Advocates to meet with more families, offer additional space for caregiver coaching, trainings and support, and gives us the ability to expand our program staffing and internship programs.”

She continues "We thank the Mayo Clinic and the Otto Bremer Trust for their support. It’s so incredible that Mayo Clinic and the Otto Bremer Trust have not only helped to fund this expansion, but have also continued their sustaining support for these important programs in our community. This allows us to keep serving current clients, while we grow to meet their changing needs.  We thank all the staff, volunteers, suppliers, and donors who are helping us to serve seniors today and build our capacity for the future

Elder Network has been approved as a Thrivent Choice Dollars organization.

If you or someone you know is a member of Thrivent and has Choice Dollars to distribute, please consider Elder Network. We are located at the top of the list for Elder Network organizations – look for our address 1130 ½ 7th St #205, Rochester MN 55901.


As part of our 30th Anniversary celebration Elder Network undertook the role of creating a recognition award for 30 individuals 60 and over, who are giving back to the communities in which we serve in remarkable ways. These individuals are vital elements of our communities. Their involvement brings wisdom and insight to discussions, developments and social interactions. Having a breadth of experiences, elders bring a depth to their work and interactions born of many years of life. As a result, their contributions to our communities are rich and full. These are they who are making a significant, measurable contribution in the counties of Olmsted, Wabasha and Winona.

Elder Network - 30/60 Nomination from The Social Butterfly on Vimeo.