Companion Services PEARLS (Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives)

What is PEARLs?

  • This is a treatment program designed to reduce symptoms of depression and improve quality of life among adults aged 60 years and better, including those with epilepsy
  • More than 50 sites in 18 states use PEARLS, with more organizations enrolling each year (CDC, 2018)
  • The program consists of six to eight in-home counseling sessions that focus on the following goals:
    • Solving problems
    • Becoming socially and physically active
    • Scheduling enjoyable activities

 Read more about this evidence-based program.

What qualifies Elder Network to provide this program?

  • Elder Network staff have been trained to provide this service, and we are actively working to implement this program
  • A 2-day training session prepares staff to implement the program
  • We are creating a waiting list of interested individuals 
  • Individuals will go through an assessment to determine eligibility with a trained staff member
  • Let us know if you are interested by simplifying emailing us at, or by calling us at 507-285-5272

Program Elements

  • PEARLS empowers people through behavioral techniques to actively manage depression and improve their quality of life
  • PEARLS is a community-based treatment program for older adults with depression
  • A trained PEARLS Counselor will meet with you for 6-8 sessions
  • Sessions can be held over the phone, on a computer, or in-person
  • You will learn the skills necessary to move into action and make lasting changes
  • Customized to your needs

How Do I Know if This Program is Right for Me?

  • I've been feeling down, sad, or blue
  • I have little interest in doing things I once enjoyed
  • I have trouble making decisions and struggle with problem-solving

Who Can Be Served Through This Program?

  • Individuals 60 years and better
  • Those who have minor depression
  • Those who have major depression

Benefits of This Program

  • Learn how to recognize signs of depression
  • Understand the link between unsolved problems and depression
  • Learn how to move into action and make lasting healthy changes
  • Develop goals to increase social and physical activities
  • Reduce depressive symptoms
  • Improve quality of life and have a more positive outlook
  • Become more engaged with family, friends, and activities you enjoy
  • Improve physical and mental health
  • Lead a more active and rewarding life

What is the Cost?

  • PEARLS is meant to be affordable and accessible for anyone who needs it
  • PEARLS Counseling sessions are offered on a sliding fee scale or may be free of charge

Review our brochure if this sounds like a program you would like to learn more about.