Elder Circles  Support Groups and Caregiver Support

Elder Network provides support groups focusing on those caring for another with memory loss and/or dementia, as well as caregivers who are caring for another without memory concerns. Elder Network also provides support to grandparents through a walking group that is moving online for the winter season. Elder Network also hosts a mindfulness support group that provides partcipants the opportunity to practice group meditation, conversing on the benefits of this practice to their health and well-being.

  • REACH (Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer's Caregiver Health)
    • Elder Network provides Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer's Caregiver Health (REACH) to caregivers. This program is a proven approach used by trained caregiver consultants to support family members and others who are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. The goals are to teach caregivers how to reduce stress, solve problems, and manage difficult behaviors the person with memory loss may display; as well as to help caregivers feel confident in the care they provide and improve their ability to cope. After the caregiver completes the REACH assessment, four core sessions are offered and tailored to what the caregiver most needs. The caregiver consultant holds the sessions in person (though alternative service options may be available) typically over 2-3 months. The session fee is on a sliding scale. Please call Holly Brown at 507-285-5272 if you are interested in this service.   
  • Caregiver Coaching (couples or one-on-one)
  • Family Meetings
  • Support Groups
    • Caregivers Support Group
    • Support Group for Partners with Memory Loss
    • Mindfulness Book Study and Group
    • When Caregiving Ends
    • Chronic Conditions
    • Grateful Grandparents (walking or in-person group)
    • Memory Cafe in Wabasha County
    • Memory Cafe in Olmsted County
    • *Memory Cafe in Winona County (offered outside of Elder Network)