VisitingTechnology Assistance Program

Elder Network is actively recruiting volunteers and clients to support this program. This program provides access to iPads and mobile hotspots for clients in need of assistance with technology access and education. Volunteers are matched with clients to provide weekly or semi-monthly support, direction, and education on how to access  applications on the iPads to enable them to complete tasks of daily living, such as grocery shopping, emailing their landlord, accessing their medical portal, engaging in telehealth visits, joining a Zoom support group, etc. Volunteers dedicate 1-2 hours, weekly, with clients  to educate them on technology, and staff offer support on an on-going basis as well. Clients also receive assistance from staff and volunteers to support their needs for set-up, application installation, software updates, and questions regarding use. This program supports clients in understanding how to safely access applications that use the internet. If you would like to be added to our waitlist, please call the office at 507-285-5272.

Not all services are available in all counties. Please contact us if you aren’t sure what you need. We are here to help.