What People Are Saying

  • “I get so much from my volunteer experience with my client, we have become best friends.”

    - Vicki

  • “I get to get out of my house and can talk to someone every week.”

    - Ken

  • “Elder Network has given us tools to deal with the issues we have and we have learned how to look at things through different eyes.”

    - Doug

  • “I can’t imagine someone who wouldn’t benefit from Elder Network.”

    - Alice

  • “I used to think age will never happen to me, but by golly, now I see it all around me.”

    - John

  • “I’ve been able to stay right here (in my home) and I’m able to afford Elder Network services to help me stay here where I want to be.”

    - Susie

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Your donation matters. We are a local 501c3, all donations to Elder Network are tax deductible and go directly to serve older adults and their caregivers.

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Looking for a support group, an educational event on aging issues? Check out what is happening at Elder Network.

How Can We Help?

Spotlight Story

Spotlight Story - People's Energy Coop StaffPeople’s Energy Coop

Many thanks to People’s Energy Coop for their Operation Round-Up grant. Elder Network will be receiving some new conference room furniture which is position-able and enables a flexible layout. Elder Network conducts workshops, coaching sessions, support groups and board and advisory board meetings in the conference room. The current large table set up isn’t flexible enough to optimize the meeting /workshop experience. In addition, Elder Network allows other nonprofit organizations to use the conference room for their meetings. Again a more flexible set up would enable them to optimize their meeting experience. We anticipate that about 800 individuals will be impacted by having new furniture in the conference rooms which will enhance their learning/sharing experience.